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1. all natural

not mass-produced in a lab

Traditional, mass-produced soaps are made with harmful chemicals that can dry out and irritate your baby’s skin. Goodnest all natural products are made from all natural sustainably sourced nature-based ingredients that hydrate and maintain healthy skin.

2. light + fresh

not a fragrance, just a light scent!

Many traditional baby soap products are heavy on the smell, which can be irritating to your baby’s skin. Goodnest scents are natural, and lightly suggestive of the aroma described for a perfect balance between clean smelling and non-irritating.

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3. a healthier option

for your baby’s skin, and the planet!

Traditional soaps and shampoos use unsustainable ingredients that can take years to break down after they go down the drain, and are harmful for our planet. Goodnest tableted products are made from sustainably sourced ingredients that break down properly in your drain before they go back into our earth.

4. better for the earth

ships water free, and Cuts CO2

Because of Goodnest’s tableted soap design, it ships water free to the customer, lowering the shipping weight, and reducing the drain on the environment of traditional big box brands.

5. we care about the details

premium natural products at the right price

By operating direct-to-consumer, Goodnest is able to pass along savings to the consumer, and provide high quality products at less than traditional in-store brands.

why don’t you give goodnest a try.
we think you’ll love it.

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