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What is Goodnest?

Bathtime, reimagined! Goodnest is a sustainable care brand that elevates every bathtime adventure while ensuring ease and joy for both parents and little ones.

Our products are consciously designed with both home and earth in mind. Featuring advanced formulas and refillable options, we provide non-toxic, dermatologist-approved care while actively combating the use of single-use plastics. It might feel like magic, but we assure you, they're simply good, healthy home care products.

Are Goodnest products safe for the whole family?

Yes! Goodnest products use gentle ingredients and are proven safe for all ages and the most sensitive skins types. All of our products are formulated to be tear-free, hypoallergenic, dermatologist-approved, and dye, synthetic fragrance, and paraben-free.

How does Goodnest give back?

Every purchase of a Goodnest product contributes to providing clean water for kids in need through our partnership with Splash. Splash is dedicated to implementing clean water solutions on a large scale, especially for children in schools, orphanages, hospitals, and shelters. We believe that clean water is transformative and life-changing, and your support helps make a positive impact on the lives of these children.

Wash + Shampoo

How do I use the Wash + Shampoo?

Our wash is suitable as a shampoo, body wash, and soak for little ones of all ages. To use, simply:

  1. Remove pump and drop in a tablet.
  2. Fill bottle with 8oz of cool water (per tablet).
  3. Allow tablet to sit in the open bottle for 15 minutes to fully dissolve.
  4. Let bathtime begin!
Do I have to use cool water with the tablet?

Cool water is recommended as warm and hot water can dissipate the bubbly action while pumping. We want all the suds for your little ones! Cool water is the best.

What do I do if my bottle expands?

This sometimes happens if the pump is secured before the tablet fully dissolves in the bottle. If your Goodnest silicone bottle expands, you can simply pump it to release the pressure. Because our Goodnest bottles are flexible, they can expand a bit and will settle back to their original shape.

You can avoid bottle expansion by allowing the tablet to fully dissolve in the bottle before attaching the pump - we recommend 15 minutes.

Is it okay for my baby to put their mouth on the Goodnest bottle?

Goodnest bottles are soft-to-the-touch which makes them safe to use near your baby during bathtime. As silicone is a “food-safe substance” according to the FDA, it can now be found in bottle nipples, plates, sippycups, baking dishes, kitchen utensils, mats, toys and now Goodnest wash bottles!

What do I do if I handled the tablet with wet hands?

Wash up and go on your merry way!

How many uses can I get from one tablet?

It depends on how many little ones and how needy they are of cleanliness - we know about blowouts! Typically ~300 full pumps to a bottle, but with all the factors at play, consider that number an educated guess.

Can I use the bottle and tablet for my regular hand soap?

Yes, of course! While we've developed our Goodnest earth-friendly ingredients specifically for bathtime, you can use the wash for everyday use, too.

Is the Goodnest bottle dishwasher safe?

Yes! Our Goodnest silicone bottles are dishwasher safe which makes using and reusing a joy.

Can I use my bottle for other products that aren't Goodnest?

Reusing is the best policy! However, please note that Goodnest cannot guarantee or be responsible for the performance or effectiveness of our bottle with products other than those specifically designed by Goodnest.

Why did my bottle overflow after I put the tablet in?

Overfilling can cause overflow. We recommend dropping the tablet in your Goodnest bottle and then adding 8 ounces (or 1-cup) of cool water. Allow the tablet to dissolve for 15 minutes before securing the pump. Then you're ready to have some bathtime fun!

Wash + Shampoo Refills

Refills can be purchased one-time or delivered with a subscription at a frequency that works for your family and schedule. Learn more (Link to PDP).

Wash + Shampoo Refill includes 2 Tablets / Pack

Body Balm

How do I use the Body Balm?

Our Body Balm is a gentle, soothing moisturizer perfect for your little one's skin. To use:

  1. Lift and twist to reveal balm.
  2. Glide across your little one's body.
  3. Gently massage onto skin.
Can the Body Balm be used for diaper rash?

The Body Balm is specially designed to form a gentle shield, providing moisture protection and soothing care for your baby's sensitive skin. Our hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested formula prevents irritation caused by diapers and nurtures the delicate skin around the diaper line.

Can I apply the Body Balm to the nipples?

Our Body Balm is versatile for extra moisture, but it's not formulated for ingestion. If you're breastfeeding, it's advisable to wash gently before nursing.

Can I apply the Body Balm to the lips?

Our Body Balm is crafted to provide nourishment and care, making it a great option for soothing dry, chapped lips and sensitive skin.

Body Balm Refills

Refills can be purchased one-time or delivered with a subscription at a frequency that works for your family and schedule. Learn more (Link to PDP).

Body Balm Refill includes 1 Balm Refill / Pack

Magic Wash

How do I use the Magic Wash?

Designed for on-the-go ease and perfect for travel, our Magic Wash sheets go wherever you and your little ones may be:

  1. Place one sheet from the silicone case into the palm of your hand. (Use up to two sheets per bath for washing hair and body.)
  2. With water, rub the sheet between your hands to create a lathering soap.
  3. Apply suds to hair and body.
What's the different between Wash + Shampoo and Magic Wash?

The key difference between Wash + Shampoo and Magic Wash lies in their form.

Wash + Shampoo requires our tablet to be dissolved in water inside the silicone bottle to create the liquid solution to be used in the bath.

In contrast, Magic Wash comes in dissolvable soap sheet form, making it extremely travel-friendly and convenient for on-the-go use. These sheets dissolve when in contact with water, providing a quick and mess-free way to bathe your baby, especially when away from home.

Magic Wash Refills

Refills can be purchased one-time or delivered with a subscription at a frequency that works for your family and schedule. Learn more (Link to PDP).

Magic Wash Refill includes 2 Packs (20 Sheets / Pack)

Orders & Shipping

When will my order be delivered?

Orders typically ship within 1-2 business days. Standard ground shipping can take an additional 3-5 business days. We also offer expedited shipping options during checkout.

How do I track my order?

We'll email you as soon as your order ships! The email will also contain a tracking link where you can view more detailed shipping information. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for tracking information to update once the order is confirmed.

What if my order didn't arrive?

Please email our customer service team to assist you at

What if I want to modify or cancel my order?

Please email our customer service team to assist you at

Please note that we try to ship orders as quickly as possible, which means we may not catch your order in time to modify or cancel it. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, Goodnest only offers shipping within the United States.

What if my order arrives damaged or is incorrect?

If you receive the wrong items or if any of your products arrive damaged, please reach out to us at Please provide pictures of the incorrect items or the damage, including the shipping barcode sticker on the outside of your shipping box. If there's a packing slip inside the box, kindly include a picture of that too. We'll work with you to make this right.

In case your order never arrived, we'll reach out to the shipping carrier to investigate and address the issue promptly.

How do I return my Goodnest order?

If you are unsatisfied with our products or would like to return your products for another reason, we offer a 30 day refund or exchange. Please contact us at with your order number and reason for the return.

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