how it works
how do i use the 3 in 1 baby wash?

1. remove pump + add one tablet. 

2. fill bottle halfway with 8 oz cool water.

3. wait 15 minutes for tablet to fully dissolve. (get fun 15-minute ideas here!)

4. after tablet is fully dissolved, secure pump. (note: if pump is secured before tablet fully dissolves, the bottle will expand. If this occurs, do not remove top, simply pump to release the pressure. overfilling can cause overflow…uh oh!) 


lather on baby's hair and skin, rinse completely, laugh a little.

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how do i use the baby balm?

our refillable nourishing baby balm comes with a reusable case so all you need to do is refill with new balm! here is how to enjoy your goodnest moisturizing baby balm:

remove case and turn base counterclockwise until balm appears. glide balm across baby's body and gently massage into skin for rich moisturization while singing them a song you make up about dinosaurs. suitable for daily use.

how to refill your baby balm

1. simply turn base counterclockwise to start position.

2. pinch the side buttons to slide case apart.

3. rotate old balm cartridge counterclockwise to release from base.

4. once old balm is removed, place new refill at 90(0) with base and rotate clockwise to lock in place. remove refill lid.

5. replace case until it snaps together.

6. twist base clockwise until you begin to see the balm rise.

7. do the hokey pokey. turn yourself around.

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how do i use the magic wash?

our magic wash dissolving soap sheets are perfect for your backpack, purse or pocket. They’re an all-over shampoo + wash. here is how to enjoy your goodnest magic wash:

1. remove magic wash sheet.

2. rub between hands with water to create lathering soap. 

apply suds to baby. giggle, if possible. rinse.

how to make bathtime magical

use two sheets for body wash or one sheet for shampoo. it’s magical!

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bottles + tablets
Is the bottle dishwasher safe?

Yes! The Goodnest silicone bottles are dishwasher safe which makes using and reusing a joy.

Why did my bottle expand so much after I put the pump on?

When the pump is secured before the tablet is fully dissolved, there is no room to bubble, so the bottle expands a bit. You can avoid this by allowing the tablet to fully dissolve in the Silicone bottle before attaching the pump (we recommend 15 minutes). This allows the magic (the bubbly activation) to fully suds and bubble.

What do I do if my bottle expands?

If your Goodnest silicone bottle expands, do not remove the pump. Instead, you can simply pump it to release the pressure.

Why did my bottle overflow after I put the tablet in?

Overfilling can cause overflow. We recommend dropping the tablet in your Goodnest bottle and then adding just 8 ounces (or a 1-cup measuring cup) of cool water. Allow it to dissolve for 15 minutes. Secure the pump. Have some bathtime (clean) fun!

Do I have to use cool water with the tablet?

Yes, cool water is recommended. Warm or hot water can dissipate the bubbly action while pumping and we want all the suds for your baby! Cool water is the best.

Where are your bottles made?

All Goodnest products are designed and assembled in the USA. the Silicone bottles are sourced from a reliable brand partner in Asia and fully tested for safety.

Can I use the bottle and tablet for my regular handsoap?

Yes, of course! While we've developed our Goodnest earth-friendly ingredients specifically for baby's bathtime, you can pump for everyday use, too.

Is my bottle ruined if the bottom expanded and now it won't sit flat?

Short answer: no! Have no fear, the Goodnest bottle is flexible so it can expand a bit and it will settle and return to its original shape.

Can I use my bottle for other products that aren't Goodnest?

Reusing is the best policy! We do reserve the right to not be held liable for any mishaps or efficacy that may occur when using our bottle with products other than Goodnest products.

Is it okay for my baby to put their mouth on the Goodnest bottle?

Goodnest bottles are soft-to-the-touch which makes them safe to use near your baby during bathtime. We know how exciting and busy bathtime can be for your baby...it might even include them grabbing or putting their mouths on the Goodnest bottle. The FDA has approved food grade silicone as safe. Since silicone is considered a “food-safe substance” it can now be found in numerous baby bottle nipples, plates, sippycups, baking dishes, kitchen utensils, mats, toys and now Goodnest baby wash bottles!

Why do I have to wait 15 minutes for the tablet to dissolve?

Because we love the earth and babies, we did not use the harmful ingredients that quicken the dissolving process. This means our safe, earth-friendly tablets need a bit longer to create the bathtime fun everyone loves: bubbles!

Where are the tablets made?

Goodnest dissolving tablets are made in the USA with safe ingredients sourced from around the world.

What do I do if I handled the tablet with wet hands?

Simply drop the tablet into the bottle, wash up and go on your merry way.

How many uses can I get from one tablet?

This all depends on how many pumps during bath time, how many babies to wash and how (ahem) needy they are of cleanliness. (We know about blowouts!) Typically about 300 full pumps to a bottle, but with all the factors at play, consider that number an educated guess.

Can I wash my baby's hair with the body wash?

Yes! Our 3-in-1 gentle baby wash is suitable as a shampoo, body wash and as a bath soak.

Will the tablets work in the bath to create a bubble bath?

Yes! Our 3-in-1 gentle baby wash is suitable as a shampoo, body wash and as a bath soak.

Is Goodnest a Target brand?

No. Goodnest is a new sustainable baby care brand that will be exclusively sold in Target stores, on Target.com and on Goodnest.com for its initial year.

orders + shipping
My order never arrived, can you help?

Yes! We are here for you. Please email or call our customer service team to help discover the issue and get you your Goodnest baby care as quickly as possible! goodnest.com/contact or 1-800-THE-NEST

Returns and Refunds

If you are unsatisfied with our products for another reason, we offer a 30 day refund or exchange. Just let us know!

If any of your products arrive damaged, please reach out to us and we will replace all of the damaged products free of charge.

Just e-mail us at hello@goodnest.com with your order number and we will be happy to help!

Do you ship internationally?

Goodnest currently does not ship internationally.

How do I sign-up to automatically receive tablets in the mail without having to reorder every time?

So happy you asked! We have a subscription option on every refill product page! Feel free to subscribe at your own pace!