the future of bath time

gentle soap for your baby and the planet
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1. protects your baby

gentle + natural ingredients

No dyes, no parabens or synthetic fragrances ever. Every goodnest formula is hypoallergenic, tear-free, and dermatologist-tested.

2. protects our planet

reusable + sustainable packaging

Refill with foaming tablets for baby wash, a moisturizing stick for baby balm, and dissolving soap sheets for magic wash. Goodnest is made to be reused.

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3. thoughtfully-created

brilliant, water-activated baby care

Goodnest ships water-free. Simply activate our baby wash, by dropping the foaming tablet into water from your tap.

4. saves you heaps

the more you (re)use, the more you save

Goodnest is made to be reused forever -- helping the planet, and your pocket (and your baby!).

start your clean baby routine

better for your baby. great for the planet.

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